Eighth Ireland Conference on Artificial Intelligence &
Cognitive Science (AICS-97)

Wednesday 10 to Saturday 13 September 1997

Magee College, University of Ulster, Northern Ireland

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AICS-97 is in tandem with:

IMVIP'97 - Machine Vision & Image Processing Conference

Wednesday 10 to Saturday 13 September 1997

Magee College, University of Ulster, Northern Ireland

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Following AICS-97 and IMVIP'97:

MIND-II: Computational Models of Creative Cognition

Dublin City University, Monday 15 to Wednesday 17 September 1997


AICS-97/IMVIP'97 Plenary Live Feed

It is intended that the main plenary sessions at AI/IMVIP go out on streaming video and audio, stored and live with the possibility of phone-in questions (Organisation: Ted Leath, Magee College)

AICS-97 Theme

Has the field been in crisis? --- some argue we've been in the wilderness with no breakthroughs for decades except minor shifts towards connectionism and neural networks, artificial life, data collection/corpora, and hybrid systems. Others say the move towards integration (e.g. Intelligent MultiMedia integrating language/vision), PersonKommunikation, mobile and remote computing, more and more engineering and a focus on the significance or otherwise of the self, mind and consciousness is emphasizing the successes of AI...

Ireland hosts AI conferences usually annually since 1988. This eighth AICS-97 conference will continue the tradition of emphasising presentations of Irish and International original research in all areas of Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science including Computer Science, Psychology, Linguistics, Philosophy, Neuroscience and related disciplines on the obvious problems of speech, NLP, and vision processing, robotics, learning, reasoning, knowledge representation and mobile/remote computing. Papers which address whether or not the field has been in crisis and its failures/successes are particularly welcome!

Ever since George Boolean Logic (Cork), James Joyce's advances on streams-of-consciousness (see Dennett's Joycean machine), Claude Shannon found Information Theory and John McCarthy made LISP and gave the field its name (Dartmouth, US, 1956) we have been into Artificial Intelligence.

AICS-97 Confirmed Invited Plenary Speakers

IMVIP-97 Confirmed Invited Speakers

AICS-97 Chairs


Faculty of Informatics, University of Ulster, Magee College, Derry/Londonderry, Northern Ireland. See travel information towards the end of this page for a map, pictures of Magee College, currency coverters, and weather information. The conference, including the registration area and exhibits, will be in the MG building, the second of two long buildings directly city-side (south) of the car park; and in the MD Main Building of the campus.

Artificial Intelligence at University of Ulster

The Faculty of Informatics has a large research team in Artificial Intelligence covering a broad range of themes. Particular strengths lie in the areas of evidential reasoning, data mining/knowledge discovery, user modelling/natural language processing, machine learning, computational intelligence, Intelligent MultiMedia, and distributed object computing. (see http://www.compeng.ulster.ac.uk/) The Faculty hosts the Northern Ireland Knowledge Engineering Laboratory (NIKEL), a joint venture with ICL, which carries out extensive work on the application of AI techniques to industrial and medical problems.

Hosted By

Artificial Intelligence Association of Ireland (AI)^2 and Faculty of Informatics University of Ulster, Magee College.

In Cooperation With

The Society for the Study of Artificial Intelligence
and Simulation of Behaviour (AISB)
British Computer Society (BCS)
The Institute of Electrical Engineers (IEE)
British Council
Interactive Systems Centre
N/Irl Industrial Development Board (IDB)
N/Irl Tourist Board
International Fund for Ireland (IFI)
The Cognitive Science Society of Ireland (CSSI)
Irish Computer Society
Higher Education Authority (HEA)
Irish Research Scientists Association (IRSA)
Science, Technology and Innovation Advisory Council (STIAC)
Royal Irish Academy
Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies (DIAS)
Irish Linguistics Institute (ILI)
National Centre for Language Technology (NCLT)
Localisation Resources Centre
National Microelectronics Research Centre (NMRC)
Industrial Development Authority (IDA)
Irish Trade Board
Shannon Development
Bord Failte Éireann
Telecom Eireann
ESAT Digiphone
The Irish Emigrant
The IE Professional
European Language Observatory
IntelliMedia 2000+

AICS-97 Programme Committee

Susan Armstrong (ISSCO, Geneva, Switzerland)
W. Brian Arthur (Sante Fe Institute, US)
Afzal Ballim (LITH, Lausanne, Switzerland)
Bill Barry (University of Sarbruecken, Germany)
David Bell (University of Ulster, Jordanstown)
Lynne Bowker (Dublin City University)
Mike Brady (INRIA, Sofia-Antipolis, France & Oxford University, England)
Derek Bridge (University College Cork)
Lynne Cahill (University of Sussex, England)
John Campbell (University College London)
Jon Campbell (University of Ulster, Magee College)
Arthur Cater (University College Dublin)
William J. Clancey (IRL, Menlo Park, US)
Brona Collins (Trinity College Dublin)
Norman Creaney (University of Ulster, Coleraine)
Roddy Cowie (Queen's University Belfast)
James Crowley (INPG, Grenoble, France)
Jon Doyle (Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT),US)
John Dunnion (University College Dublin)
Ivo Düntsch (University of Ulster, Jordanstown)
Tim Finin (University of Maryland)
James Flanagan (Rutgers University, US)
Peter Fleming (University of Sheffield, England)
Terry Fogarty (Napier University, Scotland)
Eugene Gath (University of Limerick)
Niall Graham (University of Alabama at Huntsville)
Niall Griffith (University of Limerick)
Patrick Hanks (Oxford University Press, England)
Jerry Harpur (St. Patrick's College, Maynooth)
Pat Hayes (University of West Florida, US)
Phil Hayes (Carnegie Group Inc. & Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), US)
Mary Hegarty (University of California, Santa Barbara, US)
Matthew Hennessy (University of Sussex, England)
Victor Johnson (New Mexico State University, US)
John Kinsella (University of Limerick)
John Hughes (University of Ulster, Jordanstown)
Eoghan Mac Aogáin (Irish Linguistics Institute)
Ronan MacLaverty (Nokia Research Centre, Finland)
James Martin (University of Colorado, US)
Mary Maybury (MITRE, Massachusetts, US)
John McCarthy (Stanford University, US)
John McDermid (University of York, England)
Drew McDermott (Yale University, CT, US)
John McDermott (Ellora Software Inc., US)
Jim McDonald (New Mexico State University, US)
Tony McEnery (Lancaster University, England)
Henry McLaughlin (University College Dublin)
Barry McMullin (Dublin City University & Sante Fe Institute, US)
Mike McTear (University of Ulster, Jordanstown)
Melanie Mitchell (Sante Fe Institute, US)
Tom Mitchell (Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), US)
Alex Monaghan (Dublin City University)
Liam Murphy (University of California, Berkeley)
Noel Murphy (Dublin City University)
Niall Murtagh (Mitsubishi Electric, Osaka)
Paddy Nixon (Trinity College Dublin)
Diarmuid O Donoghue (St. Patrick's College, Maynooth)
Seán Ó Nualláin (Dublin City University)
Sean O Scanlan (University College Dublin)
Douglas O Shaughnessy (INRS-Telecom, University of Quebec, Canada)
Tim O Shea (The Open University, England)
J. Ross Quinlan (University of Sydney, Australia)
Ronan Reilly (University College Dublin)
Michael Ryan (Dublin City University)
Ronan Scaife (Dublin City University)
Murray Shanahan (Queen Mary and Westfield College, London, England)
Noel Sheehy (Queen's University Belfast)
Noel Sharkey (University of Sheffield, England)
Jack Smith (Queen's University Belfast)
Barry Smyth (University College Dublin)
Humphrey Sorensen (University College Cork)
Alistair Sutherland (Dublin City University)
Richard Sutcliffe (University of Limerick)
Eric Thiele (Aalborg University, Denmark)
Josef Van Genabith (Dublin City University)
Tony Veale (Dublin City University)
David Vernon (St. Patrick's College, Maynooth)
Andy Way (Dublin City University)
Briony Williams (CSTR, University of Edinburgh, Scotland)
Gerry Wrixon (NMRC & University College Cork)

Conference Format

Our intention is to have as much interaction as possible during the conference and to stress panel sessions and discussion as much as formal paper presentations. A plenary session will integrate attempts at addressing views on whether or not there is a crisis. We hope to have an attendance between 100-150 people at the conference.

Registration and Accommodations

Early registration, payable before Friday 15 August 1997: £ 120 Late registration: £ 150

Student registration fee: respectively £ 75 and £ 100 for early and late registration.

Reduction for AISB members: £ 20 on either early or late registration.

Payment by cheque to "IMVIP/AI-97, University of Ulster". Note that no distinction is made in regard to the tandem conference AI'97 - the registration fee entitles participation at both. For registration, please use the form below, sign and send by regular mail. The registration fee includes conference materials, refreshments, and a copy of the proceedings.

Accommodation: nearby choices for hotel, bed and breakfast, and University student accommodation (price £ 19 per night), are all within a short walk of the Magee College campus. For University student accommodation, use the registration form.

To register, return the registration form to the University of Ulster address given on the form. Note again that the same registration procedure covers both AICS-97 and IMVIP'97. Also note that the trip to Giant's Causeway and Bushmills is now planned for the afternoon of Saturday 13 September (rather than the Sunday afternoon).

Submission Requirements

Submission Deadline: July 1, 1997
Notification Date: August 1, 1997
Camera ready Copy: August 15, 1997

Conference Chairs and Local Organisers

Paul Mc Kevitt
Center for PersonKommunikation (CPK)
Fredrik Bajers Vej 7-A2
Institute of Electronic Systems (IES)
Aalborg University
DK- 9220, Aalborg (Denmark)

Email: pmck@cpk.auc.dk
Fax: +45 98 15 15 83
Tel: +45 96 35 86 56

Fionn Murtagh
Faculty of Informatics
University of Ulster, Magee College
Derry/Londonderry BT48 7JL (Northern Ireland)

Email: fd.murtagh@ulst.ac.uk
Fax: +44 1504 375489 (from Republic of Ireland: 080 1504 etc.)
Tel: +44 1504 375453

Jon Campbell
Faculty of Informatics
University of Ulster, Magee College
Derry/Londonderry BT48 7JL (Northern Ireland)

Email: jg.campbell@ulst.ac.uk
Fax: +44 1504 375489
Tel: +44 1504 375367

Travel information, including a map, pictures of Magee College, currency converters, and weather information.
A calendar of events in Ireland may whet your appetite further.
Conference information: for programme, Dr. Paul Mc Kevitt, at address above. Local organisation: Ms Caroline McNutt, Mr Jon Campbell, Prof. Fionn Murtagh, Faculty of Informatics, Magee College, Londonderry BT48 7JL, Northern Ireland. Fax: +44 1504 370040, Tel: +44 1504 375408 Email for programme or local organisation issues: ai97@ulst.ac.uk
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